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Ponta Malongane offers a variety of customizable packages to suit all your traveling needs. Whether it’s going on a remote camping trip or relaxing at the resort, we can help you design exactly the vacation you want. Read through our list of specials and see if anything catches your eye. Get in touch to start planning your next getaway today.


  • 67 Individually marked Campsites

  • Designated electrical plug-points available (3 point plug - 5 amps) 

  • From 6 to 12 persons sites



  • 4 - 6 sleeper chalets

  • 8 sleeper guest house

​All units include

  • Beds with bedding and linen

  • Fully equipped kitchen with crockery, cutlery 

  • Fridge/freezer and gas cooker

  • Private bathroom with hot water shower

  • Ceiling fans

  • Outside braai facilities.

Guest House - Airconditioned


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  • 19 x 2 guest loghuts available

  • Situated close to the Dive Camp  and beach

  • There are no plug points inside

  • Plug points are available in the Dive Camp as needed

  • Persons staying in these loghuts have use of the Dive Camp self catering kitchen with fridge space

  • The communal kitchen is equipped with gas cookers, pots & pans and basic cooking utensils

  • Adjacent ablutions have hot water showers and power outlets for hairdryers and shavers


  • 14 x 2 Sleeper Deck Tents available

  • Tents with beds built up on wooden decks with shade and mosquito covers

  • There are no plug points at the tents

  • Plug points are available in the Dive Camp for laptops/cell phones/camera chargers

  • Persons staying in these tents have use of the Dive Camp self catering kitchen where fridge/freezer space will be allocated on arrival

  • The kitchen is equipped with gas cookers, pots & pans and basic cooking utensils

  • Adjacent ablutions have hot water showers and power outlets for hairdryers and shavers


  • No cooking; candles; mosquito burners are permitted inside or on decks of tents

  • There is no crockery/cutlery – please bring your own

  • Please bring your own towels (beach and bath)

  • Please take your own bedding and linen

  • Due to limited space in the Dive Camp, the Dive Camp Tents (80%) will be allocated to divers during high season.


Our Services


As a booking agent for the resort we are but a call away to secure you the accommodation you need. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape, a group- or a scuba getaway, a snorkeling trip or swimming with dolphins, we provide all of the professional and personalized services to cover your needs. Learn more about our service offerings below, and reach out with any questions.


Throughout many years of providing scuba and training training to clients, we have gained the experience and expertise necessary to make this process as seamless as possible.

Malongane is rich in sea life and diving is fun in this calm seas of Mozambique. If you have any questions, simply reach out.


As one of the most popular scuba and camp destinations, the spaces tend to fill up fast. Therefore, no matter what type of accommodation you need - be sure to contact us at the earliest convenience.
Rest assured that we will provide all the resources and guidance you need for the perfect trip.

All accommodation are very close to the sea and with easy access.

Kosi Bay / Ponta do Ouro Border Post 

(Please confirm before travel – subject to change without notice.)


Passports & Visas:

All travellers to Mozambique require a valid passport
It must have at least one clean page to stamp and have at least 6 months left before the expiry date.

South Africans do not require a Visa to enter Mozambique
Other nationalities please enquire with your embassy.

Visas can be obtained at the border at the following rates: 

Moz Mts 2,135.00, US Dollar $ 82.00, €62.00, Rand R762.00

Important Advice:
You cannot bring organic matter back into SA once you have crossed into Mozambique. This includes fruit, vegetables, open meat (ok if vacuum packed), charcoal, wood curious, etc 

Prawns are restricted to 2kgs per adult and certain fish species are prohibited from being brought into SA. Please check latest regulations with department of Agriculture, as they may change from time to time.

Documentation & Vehicle Requirements
3rd party insurance(purchase at the border) |  2 emergency triangles | reflective bib | if towing you need a yellow triangle on blue sticker (get from AA) |  ZA sticker for SA registered cars, | vehicle registration and customs papers (obtained at the border) |  passport | drivers licence.

Border Procedure

1. SA Immigration:
On arrival on the SA side you will have you car and driver’s license check by SAP.
Then you must proceed to the red face brick building on the left to have your passports stamped by SA Immigration officials.

2. Mozambican Immigration:
Once that is done you can drive over to the Mozambican side.
Park on the holding apron, and take your passports to the Mozambican immigration officials to be stamped.
Mozambique immigration is the prefab building on the right hand side (moz Flag flies outside)

                                           PLEASE CHECK TO SEE THAT ALL YOUR PASSPORTS HAVE BEEN

                                STAMPED CORRECTLY STAMPED INTO MOZAMBIQUE   (SEE “Corruption” BELOW)

3. Mozambican Customs:
Once that is completed you can proceed to the Customs to get the temporary importation papers for your car and declare any other items not covered in you travel allowance.

4. Duty Free Import Allowances

Each traveller over 18 crossing into Mozambique is allowed to import the following for personal consumption only: 

  • Tobacco products: 200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 grams of smoking tobacco 

  • Alcohol: 1 litre spirits or 2,25 litre wine (3 standard bottles) 

  • Perfume: 50 ml perfume or 250 ml Eau de Toilette Pharmaceuticals:

  • A 'reasonable amount' for personal use Other Goods: Up to the value of $200 US Dollars

  • No beer is allowed to be imported into Mozambique

  • Please note: under 18’s do not qualify for alcohol & tabacco duty free allowances


You will be given a copy of your Vehicle Temporary Importation permit, (there is no charge for this) and a gate pass showing the number of persons in the car. 

Up until now, other than if you have goods to declare, no monies are payable. 

5. Third Party Insurance:
Then go to the prefabs directly in front of you to get your 3rd Party insurance. This is a legal requirement for all vehicles entering Mozambique. Can be acquired online
They all basically sell the same policies, so not important which one you go to.
These are the current costs:
Vehicle - R220.00  |  Caravan, Motorcycle, Trailer - R110.00 

6. Border Police & Customs Control:
When you have obtained all your documentation, you can drive with your car to the exit gate. 
Here the Customs inspector and Border police will take your gate pass, and check your passports and vehicle papers.

If you car is being financed by a bank and it is registered in the bank name, make sure you have a letter from the bank authorizing you to take the vehicle into Mozambique. Make sure the validity period covers the duration of your stay.

Please check full details and requirements with your bank. Most banks require you to obtain this cross border consent letter each time you travel over the border.

7. Corruption:
As with most places in Africa – including South Africa – corruption has become a problem.
One of the scams we have encountered is that the Immigration Officials do not stamp all passports presented to them. On your return you are then “fined” for not having it stamped.
Please check when it is given back to you that you have been stamped into Mozambique (see example on left) 

Should you encounter any problems, the below persons can assist:

Selma Ponta Business Forum representative:+258 84 215 3844

Camilo Ponta Business Forum representative:+258 84 604 4453

Gus Owner Paraiso do Ouro Resort:+258 84 201 1644

Carlos Carvalho: +258846179110 

Some important numbers to have are:

Anti-corruption hotline+25882 965 7804

Medical Emergencies Central Hospital+25821 325 000

South African High Commission+25821 243 000

or after hours emergency+25884 304 4600

Track N4 route Emergencies+25882 303 4303 or +25884 343 4346


8. When dealing with the Police: 

When you are pulled off by the traffic police (they wear a white shirt with navy blue trousers) always insist on a ticket and receipt for spot fining.
When you are pulled off by police (they wear grey uniforms) make sure to ask for identification and ask their name if they want to search your car for illegal objects.

Never hand over your passport or driver's licence  - you are allowed to only show them.

Long queues are not the norm at this border post. (Holidays it might be different.) A new tar road from the border to Maputo is 95% completed. Travelling to Malongane from the border takes about 25 min - tarred plus sand road.

Travel Tips

At Ponta Malongane, we go above and beyond in order to keep our traveler’s travel needs in check. No matter how confident they feel, travelers should always read through our free collection of resources before going on any trips. Review our reliable information on airports, packing, weather, destination news, and more!

(Southern Mozambique)


Important things to remember when planning your vacation:

  • There are only Credit Card facilities at the Resorts Dive camp

  • Please ensure you bring sufficient cash in either SA Rands, 

  • US$ or Meticais for the duration of your stay

  • There are no ATM's

  • Petrol & Diesel are available at Ponta do Ouro approx.

         8km south of the Resort.

  • There are no medical facilities at the Resort

           the nearest hospital is at Manguzi in South Africa

  • Please bring a fully equipped first aid kit & include any

         prescription medication;

         anti malaria prophylactics & antihistamines

  • Please bring your own bath & beach towels – NO towels are supplied in any of the accommodation

  • Plug points at the Resort accommodations - all run on 5 amps and are unable to support any electrical appliances with elements ie. hairdryers/electric kettles/electric heaters

  • The Resort does not offer any private laundry service to guests 

  • Water to the Resort comes from a borehole and is fine for washing & bathing 

  • Bottle water is recommended for drinking 

  • Wood & charcoal can be purchased from the villagers just outside the Resort.


Important things to remember once inside the Resort:

  • NO quad bikes or motor bikes are permitted to be driven or switched on inside the Resort 

  • Persons not adhering to this will be fined 

  • No resort poles may be removed for any reason – persons will be fined 

  • No tents are permitted to be put up outside chalets or rondavels 

  • Camping is strictly on designated prepaid campsites 

  • Resort speed limit is 20km – please drive slowly and be aware of small children 

  • All swimmers/beach goers – for your own safety 

  • Keep well clear of the ski-boat launching area when swimming/snorkeling or relaxing on the beach 

  • No hosepipes are to be used inside the resort except at the boat cleaning area 

  • Please do not park in the roads or on grassed garden areas 

  • Please report any problems direct to Reception (24 hrs)

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